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What is Google Tag Manager?

  • Posted by Tavneet Walia
  • On December 12, 2017

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a problem-solver. It’s a lifeguard that has come to rescue anyone who is drowning in the ocean of tags (JavaScript snippets that send information to third party). Google Tag Manager, or GTM, is a super useful tool that simplifies the task of managing tags. Simplifies? I think GTM has made it the simplest ever!

With Google Tag Manager, you no longer need to hard-code JavaScript into each page of your website for collecting information about the behaviour of your visitors. Instead, you can now use Google Tag Manager’s interface to add, update or manage tags – mostly without writing JavaScript. You no longer need to chase your developer (who somehow happens to be the busiest person on the planet) for the task. With GTM in your hands, it’s all in your hands. Feeling powerful? Happy realization!

Apart from making you realize the power you now have, we are here to help you put GTM to work! Go ahead, click here to make a wish. #GenieVibes

Why you need Google Tag Manager

You need to upgrade

You need GTM because to stay ahead of the league, you need to say good-bye to the old practice. You need to upgrade. Without GTM, for performing tasks as simple as tracking the number of button clicks, to as complex as tracking scroll depth, or even making the tiniest changes to your already existing snippets, you had no choice but to seek a technically blessed creature.

GTM greatly reduces your dependency on a developer

GTM provides a handy, step-by-step interface which allows you to create and manage all your tags at one place. Without actually coding a snippet, you just follow some simple steps to create a tag and specify when and where it gets triggered. GTM handles the rest!

GTM reduces your expenses

A developer takes hours to write codes for the various tasks you want your website to perform. A GTM expert on the other hand, makes it possible in a much lesser time, which means you pay less for the same work.

GTM boosts your system’s speed and efficiency

To make advancements, you come up with changes to your existing system. You take decisions. And then? The most complex of all – Implementation. Those time-consuming implementations that take multiple steps to go live, can be centrally handled with Google Tag Manager.

With features such as debug, preview, security, integration with Google Analytics and many other Google products, there’s no end to what you can do – all at one place, efficiently.

Perks of Google Tag Manager

The list is huge, but to name a few,

  • Debug

After having created a tag, you can use this built-in error checking tool to make sure your tag works fine and smooth.

  • Preview

The preview mode gives the user a preview of the real-time performance and accuracy of a tag.

  • Security

You can set up a two-factor authentication that requires both your normal password and a numeric code that you receive over an sms, voice call, or mobile app. You can also manage permissions at different levels of the account.

  • DIY

You can Do It Yourself. By just inserting a container tag to your website, which is a one-time task, you can start creating tags, debug and preview them so as to have the whole idea of and control over what you’re doing!

  • Google Tag Manager +  Google Analytics

Even though both the tools can work independent of each other, when you team them up, they rock! Google Tag Manager simplifies the implementation of services provided by Google Analytics.

  • It’s free of cost

The tool, yes.

How we can help

Just in case it’s difficult for you to take out time and learn how to deploy Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, we’re here! We are a crazy team of Google and Adobe Certified Analytics Experts who eat, breathe, sleep and dream Analytics. And we’ve made it our purpose and passion to electrify your business’s potential through Analytics.

Contact us here.

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