How to change the font size of axis and data label for charts in Google Data Studio?

In this post you will learn about the recent release in Google Data Studio regarding font size settings of axis and data label of the charts and how you can use it to make your dashboard more aesthetic.

Now you don’t need to put strain on your eyes to see small labels as you can easily change/increase the font size now, all thanks to new release feature of the product.

It will make your dashboards more attractive and can give more value to the elements added to the dashboard.

It is also an important feature as senior management are often particular about the branding of the official content.

Now you’ll further read about how you can change the font size of axis label or data label:

  • Select the chart for which you want to change the font size of axis label or data label
  • Go to the style tab of selected chart
  • See for the “Grid” option under style tab.
  • Now you can see the option to change the font size of axis and
    font size of data label
  • Change it as per your requirement

Enjoy Coffee.

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