How to Track AJAX site in Adobe DTM (Dynamic Tag Manager)


To Track Ajax based websites using Adobe DTM we need to use the Direct Call Rules.

Essentially, these are situations in which the content of the page changes without any change in URL or HTML elements. For example, a multi step form where in different steps of a form appear based on user interaction without any change in page URL

To implement Direct Call Rule, you will need support from the Dev team

The Dev team needs to call the function “_satellite.track(“Name of action”) ” in a JavaScript after successful rendering of the required user experience. Please note “Name of action” is just an example, it can be anything based on the business case.

Then, you need to mention the Direct Call String in the “String” field of Direct Call Rule condition in the DTM interface. In our example, string will be Name of action

Please note, _satellite.track only notifies DTM about existence of a condition that needs to be tracked. It does not tell what to track

_satellite.track tells DTM when to track

_satellite.track doesn’t tell DTM what to track

We need to configure the Adobe Analytics settings within the Direct Call Rule in DTM interface to tell DTM what to track

For example eVar1=”Step 1″

We can also use Data Elements to do this.

Now, what if we want to capture something which is not pre populated within the Data Layer?

Under such condition we need to dynamically create the Data Elements as well.

We can create Data Elements dynamically by using the _satellite.setVar(“Name of Data Element”,Value) function. This function also needs to be passed by the developer.

So, lets say user selects a particular option from drop down in the form and then completes step 1 of the form such that the page URL does not change. The developer will need to pass something like this in the JavaScript function.


var FormElement = JQuerycode to capture dropdown option;

_satellite.setVar(“Form Dropdown selection”,FormElement);

_satellite.track(“Form Step 1 complete”)


Once, the above has been configured on the page, we need to go to Direct Call rules, under condition we need to write Form Step 1 Complete and then we can configure any of the custom variables by typing in %Form Dropdown selection% in the value field for that variable.


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Sanmeet Singh Walia

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