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We provide Google Analytics Implementation for both Websites as well as mobile Apps. The implementation will cover setting up the Account Properties, setting up tracking of marketing campaigns and various Site/App goals.

We provide tracking through both the legacy implementation methods or through Tag Managers like Google Tag Manager or Tealium

DataVinci provides solution for both Fresh Google Analytics implementations as well as Audit of Existing implementation. Find out more :

Our Google Analytics Audit & Implementation does more than identify problems; it fixes them. We’ll:

  • Set up a discovery Kickoff meeting to discuss your particular reporting needs
  • Determine the cleanliness of your data and outline how we’ll clean it up
  • Establish a “Measurement Strategy” to align measurement/reporting with your business objectives
  • Outline a configuration that can answer your fundamental business questions
  • Implement Google Analytics, leveraging the latest features, through Google Tag Manager

Creating a clean implementation of Google Analytics could simply mean installing code that accurately tracks when a visitor reaches your website or uses your app. However, at DataVinci, we’ll utilize advanced customizations in Google Analytics that can gather insight at a much higher resolution: event tracking for on-site interactions, custom dimensions and metrics for company-specific measurement, Goals, content groupings, and more.

When we start a project, we collaborate with you on a Measurement Strategy document, which we use to guide the audit itself and our final Google Analytics implementation. By doing this, we create recommendations that go beyond simply capturing clean data; they help to efficiently and accurately measure your digital marketing success as a whole.

New Google Analytics Implementation

A Confident and Correct Setup

New Google Analytics Implementation

Our final recommendations are customized to each client, depending on the website/app, challenges, and configuration needs, but they all deliver the same value: clean data that answers business questions and allows you to draw exponentially more value from your Google Analytics. You won’t know how you did business without it.

For enterprise customers, we provide licensing and consulting around the Google Analytics 360 Suite, including Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360, and Google Optimize 360.

What is in it:

We will collaborate with all the key people from Marketing, Product development and Operation teams to :

  • Identify the Business Objectives of the Digital Assets
  • Identify the Key Performance Indicators
  • Understand and document the IT governance policies and processes relevant for deployment of Digital Analytics
  • Understand and document the reporting requirements
  • Preparation of solution documents
  • Documentation of Technical specifications
  • Hands on assistance to developers for deployment of solution
  • Data architecture planning and support.
DataVinci provides a wide range of Google Analytics implementation services designed to provide the greatest return on investment. By optimizing Google Analytics implementation through standardized processes and technological automation We help our clients create sustainable, repeatable processes to eliminate the natural chaos that can exist between all of the touch points found within a “move-to-production” model.
Why Us:

Our team has Adobe and Google Certified Analytics experts who have led and participated in multiple complex and comprehensive digital measurement system-deployments in their professional experience. We have both – the right experience and the technical knowledge required to save your business significant costs and headaches.

  1. KPI Discovery
  2. Site/App Architecture Audit
  3. Defining the implementation strategy
  4. Tag Placement and Tool Configuration
  5. Tags and Report Validation
  6. Define Implementation roadmap
  7. Data Governance setup

Google Analytics Implementation Audit

Google Analytics Implementation Audit

During the Google Analytics Audit, DataVinci will help you understand:
  • How your Google Analytics implementation compares to that of your peers
  • How your existing digital measurement efforts are creating tangible business value
  • What percentage of your Google Analytics investment is being used appropriately
  • Which areas of improvement in Google Analytics are likely to produce the greatest gains

The audit focuses on the pain points outlined during the discovery session, but may ultimately reveal data integrity issues, along with opportunities for enhancement. We’ll create recommendations for immediate changes and additions to be made to your Google Analytics configuration, while establishing a larger plan for implementation and customization.

Design :

The Google Analytics Audit engagement is designed to help you maximize your investment in Digital Analytics efforts. During this engagement you will work directly with Sanmeet Singh Walia, Adobe Certified Analytics Architect and Founder of DataVinci. The goal is to evaluate and dramatically improve your use of the Google Analytics web analytics solution. Sanmeet Singh Walia has helped clients across the globe audit and improve their Google Analytics implementations. Through his Analytics assignments he has individually generated millions in profits for the various organizations he has worked with.

Why Us:

We offer end-to-end Google Analytics implementation service using most of the leading Tag Management Solutions in the industry (Google Tag Manager, Ensighten, Adobe DTM, SuperTag, Tealium and BrighTag) starting from business requirements definition to solution design reference creation to actual Google Analytics implementation and post implementation support.

At DataVinci, we use our exhaustive experience to create a proprietary Google Analytics Audit framework that encompasses the “best practices” we see across the most successful companies. Our Google Analytics Audit allows us to rate or score any Google Analytics implementation, regardless of maturity or industry vertical and make strategic recommendations for improvement.


During the Google Analytics Audit, DataVinci will review your primary dataset and score it against our Google Analytics Audit framework. While our Google Analytics Audit framework has over 100 different elements, we tailor our assessment to each client’s specific needs and vertical market.

Tag Management Service Offerings

Tag Migration :
  • TMS Vendor comparison based on the requirements
  • Migration of the code base from website to TMS solution or, from one TMS to other
  • Coordination with stakeholders for clarification on data sources to capture the data in web analytics tools
  • Tweaking the tracking codes while migrating the tags
Support :
  • Writing data binding expression to scrape the data from the webpage
  • Writing logic and implementing codes
  • Using the existing data layers to capture the required data points
  • Implementation of advertising tags and beacons
Maintenance :
  • Understanding the problems with the data in the reports based on the data check-ups or briefing from client
  • Troubleshooting the issues from technical side
  • Coordinating with the product support team if required
  • Enhancements to the current Google Analytics implementation setup
  • Fixing and testing the results
Benefits of a using a Tag Manager for Google Analytics implementation:

The rapid growth of third party marketing and tracking pixels have become an operational bottleneck as the in-house IT teams need to implement, maintain, and upgrade at the page level.The traditional non-tag management approach is heavily dependent on the IT teams and their schedules, which often delays the tracking of the important advertising campaigns.

Over these years, there has been a significant surge in the demand for Tag Management Services in the industry. With the use of Tag Management Solutions, the effort involved in deploying, maintaining, and upgrading the tags has reduced significantly. The percentage of errors is also dramatically minimized. The usage of TMS on the website has transferred a lot of control from the IT to the Marketing team.

If you have any questions or you just want to consult over you Google Analytics implementation please feel free to write to us a Sanmeet@DataVinci.in